Founded in 2002, a single event quickly turned into a global sensation. United Dance Organisation (UDO) is now the largest street dance organisation in the world with over 75,000 members across 30 countries including Africa, Australia, Dubai, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.
UDO hosts 16 regional events annually in the UK, while international UDO license holders play host to events and qualifiers in their countries.
UDO hosts the European Championships and the highly anticipated World Championships which sees thousands of dancers across the globe coming together to compete.
UDO also hosts The British Dance Festival in Partnership with Encore. 

The UDO Strives to provide dancers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities a platform to positively display their creativity and love for Dance and plans to continue growing and developing the art of Dance, by delivering high quality events, and teacher and dancer development programs.

Encore is the brand of UDO, opening up the doors to other styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre & Contemporary. This allows dancers from all backgrounds to come together and display their talents in a safe, fun & vibrant environment.

We have been successfully running our Encore Weekend since 2013, and we will be hosting the 9th Encore Weekend in November 2022. 

Additional to our established UDO events & Encore Weekend, We want to offer dancers more opportunities to perform and showcase their talent. In 2022, We will be hosting 10 Encore Regionals across the UK for Dancers to qualify for the British Dance Festival 2023! All you need to do is attend an Encore Regional…and Place in your category! 

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