Judging Criteria


Judges will give scores for teams based on the following criteria:

Each point is out of a maximum 10 points,

1 – 2 = Below Average
3 – 4 = Average
5 – 6= Good
7 – 8 = Very Good
9 – 10 = Excellent

Please note 0.25, 0.5 & 0.75 can also be used.

Judging Criteria for TEAMS:

Please note all groups must be a maximum of 2 minutes, 30 Seconds. Teams will be penalised if their music runs over this time.


  • Portrayal & execution of the style
  • Variety of choreography used

Musicality & creativity

  • Interpretation of different beats & phrasing
  • Original movement ideas, uniqueness & originality of combinations


  • Difficulty level of choreography
  • Overall use of space and spatial awareness, and use of smooth transitions.


  • Use of floor / stage, transitions, formations & positioning of the piece
  • Attentiveness, Enthusiasm, energy, confidence 
  • Routine execution and perfection

Performance Skills & Showmanship

  • The creative throughout the piece overall 
  • Use of music and attention to detail throughout 
  • Enthusiasm, Confidence, Energy

Judges opinion

  • This is the individual opinion of each judge. 

Total __/60

General Note

  • Age and level will always be taken into account when scoring. 
  • The older and/or higher up the ability scale you go, the more we expect in terms of your execution
  • The full scale of 0 – 10 will be used 
  • We encourage teams to do what they want to do and not just what they think will win. 
  • Self-expression, creativity and originality are key.

INCLUSIVE / ACCESSIBLE TEAMS CRITERIA – This information is on the FULL Criteria below. 

Solo & Duos criteria

Music will be set by Encore for Contemporary/Lyrical Solos/Duos, Musical Theatre/Jazz Duos & Commercial Duos.

Music for Commercial Solos will be played at random by the DJ. The BPM of the track for each category will be suitable for the age and ability of the dancers. 

  • Musicality (Dancing in time with the music)
  • Showing a variety of movement & Choreography
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and Confidence
  • Uniqueness & Interpretation

In addition to the above, for DUOS the Judges will also consider:

  • Synchronicity (Mirror Image)
  • Connection (Choreography complimenting one another)

For a more detailed overview of our Judges Criteria, please click the link below:

Encore Regional Rules & Judges Criteria 2023/24 

Encore Weekend Judges Criteria 2023/24