Competition Rules & Regulations 23/24



  • Require original document proof of identity & age verification. This must be completed during your first 6 months as a member.
  • Dancers may compete in ONE Solo Style, TWO Duo styles and a maximum of TWO Team styles per event. (This applies to Encore Regionals ONLY) PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ENCORE WEEKEND. 
  • You may not compete twice in the same genre (i.e perform two solos/two duos or compete in two different teams in the same genre at one event).
  • Dancers must wear DANCER wristbands on the floor.
  • All dancers will qualify and dance in the same category they have entered in for the whole ENCORE / UDO year (1st September until 31st August). This includes British Dance Festival & UDO Worlds, regardless of placings or wins. Once they have placed, they will move up a category when the next Encore/UDO year begins.
  • Dancers must be in the holding area and ready to dance at least 15 minutes before stepping onto the floor.
  • Encore/UDO reserves the right to combine categories (e.g Beginner/Advanced) if the category has low numbers.

Registration & Event Entry

Pre-event Entry Changes:

  • It is the Choreographer/Dance Teacher/designated representative responsibility to ensure that a dancer is registered.

Registration / Entry for an event:

  • It is the Dancer/Parent/Guardian/Dance Teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the Team/Duo/Solo is registered to dance before the specified closing date and in correct age division and category as outlined below.
  • Registration will be available online to register from at least 2 months before an event is due to take place.
  • New Encore Members must Create Membership (Complete the membership form) Each dancer must become a member of the UDO on Once you have created a membership, you must register for your category.
  • To purchase tickets please ensure you are logged in to a UDO membership account.
  • Parents registering children: Due to data protection, a dancer under the age of 16 needs to be registered by a parent whose membership is linked to theirs. UDO must link the accounts, so if your account is not linked please contact the UDO Office –
  • Team, Solo and Duo entries for all Encore competitions must be submitted online via the relevant events page. To register for a UDO Event, please refer to the UDO Website:
  • Entries will be completed by Jot Form and supplied to the teacher in advance.
  • Entries must be NO LATER than 10 days before a regional competition and 21 days before the World Championships, British Dance Festival, and Encore Weekend.
  • Any changes or questions must be asked or submitted before the date that the registration is due to close. (i.e. 10 days before a regional event and 21 days before the major events)
  • Any regional organiser may combine age groups or divisions at their discretion, based on attendees and entrants to each event.
  • Music for teams has to be uploaded via email to at least 5 days before the event, A backup USB or CD should also be brought with you on the day of the event.
  • No late registrations are accepted on the day of an event.
  • Mitigating circumstances outside of the Encore/UDO rules must be submitted to the Encore/UDO Committee for their consideration.


Judges will grade per section using the following scale:

0-2 = Below Average
3-4 = Average
5-6 = Good
7-8 = Very Good
9-10 = Excellent

Please note that Judges may use increments of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 to scores in accordance with the above scale.

Penalties will be given for the following:

Below is a list and its abbreviations:

L = Obscenities or inappropriate language in music

C = Inappropriate costume for age category

M = Inappropriate movement for age category

T = Music and/or performance over stated time

One point per Judge per penalty will be deducted for the above rule breaks.

These penalty marks are deducted from the Judges assessment section of the marks before the teams are placed.

  • Minimum – 5 dancers. Recommended Maximum – 25 dancers. 
  • Dancers are permitted to compete in TWO Team Genres of their choice e.g. a dancer can compete in Lyrical and Commercial teams or Lyrical M.T./Jazz but a dancer cannot dance in two teams of the same genre e.g. 2 commercial teams or 2 lyrical teams. (Regionals ONLY) PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ENCORE WEEKEND. 
  • If a team changes by over 50% during the competition year and you wish to be considered as a new team, please contact the UDO Head Office. If you wish to change your team name, category age or division for any reason you will also need to contact the UDO Head Office – or

Team Music and Performance:

  • It is the Choreographer / teachers’ responsibility to ensure that the Team music is checked and uploaded via email to two weeks prior to the UDO’s major Championships (Worlds, British Dance Festival and Encore Weekend).
  • It is the Choreographer / teachers’ responsibility to ensure that the Team music is checked and uploaded via email to the franchise holder to the 5 DAYS before an Encore Regional.
  • Each team needs to have back-up music on either a USB or CD with only the track that they bring with them to the event.
  • Music should be free from swearing and inappropriate language as deemed by the judges. Any penalties will be notified to the team representative.
  • The music should be balanced at a set level for playing, the DJ will make no adjustments on the day for sound (contact us for help with this).
  • Please note all teams/groups must be a maximum of 2 minutes, 30 Seconds. Teams will be penalised if their music runs over this time.

Solo/Duo Dancing Procedure:

  • Dancers will be called to side of stage (holding area) in category and age by the MC.
  • Dancers will be separated into heats.
  • Dancers will dance on the floor at the same time as the other dancers in their heat.
  • Recalls will be announced by age division & category, and continue until the final (this is approx. 7 dancers for Solo and 5 dancers for Duo finals).
  • Do not miss your category; you will not be permitted to dance in another category. If you are not ticked off at side of stage before the category begins dancing, you may not be allowed to dance!

For a more detailed breakdown of our Rules & Regulations at our Encore Regional and Encore Weekend events, please click the link below: 

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