De Bonte Wever De Bonte Wever, Stadsbroek 17, 9405 BK Assen, Netherlands

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Registration closes Wednesday, May 4th 23.59h.

This is the European Championships 2021-2022!
All levels are welcome from Beginner to Advanced; with different age and ability categories available.*

*qualification see rules

Solo (Showcase + Regular), Duo/ trio (Showcase + Regular), Team and Freestyle

– Modern/ Jazz
– Classical Ballet
– Contemporary
– Open category: Show Dance, Street, Musical, Cheer Dance, Tap, Belly Dance, Disco, etc, ..

More info soon!

More info soon!

What to expect from us next season?

The fact that the measures change faster than we can keep up with, is something we all noticed last season. As the organisation of Dance Stars we would like you to know exactly what to expect.
Therefore we have made a list of four scenarios for you. These will be the four scenarios between which we can switch if necessary. We will of course always inform you in time about the scenario we choose and all the details that go with it.

As an online competitions is also one of the scenarios, we recommend that you always keep one or more video recordings of your dances on hand. This will allow you to switch as quickly as we can.

Dance Stars…as usual

Dance Stars as you are used to. No restrictions, no fixed seats. Live on location, live judging and live dancing. Everyone is allowed to attend and watch the competition live. You can bring your whole family to support you. Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends. Everyone is welcome. After their performance dancers can watch their friends from the audience

Dance Stars…a little bit different

In this scenario we have to take into account a maximum amount of spectators and fixed seats. This means you must reserve your seat to watch the competition live on location. There are only a certain number of places available. Once all tickets are sold, the competition is sold out.

We will broadcast the competition live for everyone who couldn’t be attend the competition live. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend the competition, the blocks will be short. Dancers cannot watch the competition from the audience. They will need to stay in the backstage area. Here they can watch their friends perform via the live stream.

Dance Stars…Drive-Thru

If it is decided that no (or almost no) audience is allowed at the competitions but live competitions are allowed, we will choose to have the competition in drive-thru form. This means that the dancers are dropped off by their parents or guardians. Together with their coach they are allowed to enter the location just before their performance. Inside they will have the opportunity to dance on stage for the jury. After their performance, they wait in the car for the awards ceremony. The audience at home can enjoy all performances via a live stream. The cars with parents/ guardians waiting outside can also watch the competition via the live stream.

The blocks will be short, about 30 to 60 minutes. So that nobody will have to sit in their car for hours.

Dance Stars Online

If it is decided that no live competitions are allowed, we will switch to online competitions just like last season.
All dancers send in a recent video. These will be assessed by our judges. The competition will be broadcasted live on Twitch and there will be an award ceremony immediately after each block. The prizes will be sent to the dance school after the competition.

Should we need to continue with this scenario, the competition schedule as announced above will be changed to a maximum of one online competition per month.